Pig and goat skin, foundation, powder, cremes, make-up remover and threa

200 × 150 cm







The aim of the project is to present women as purchasable skin. A woman's body is approachable in three ways. The direct way - the way a woman's skin can be purchased. By this, I mean how women are used as sex objects – selling their skin for satisfaction. The second form is indirect selling. This implies using the body as means to sell something else, usually through advertisment. For example, using a female body to sell a car. Her physical appearance has nothing to do with the object being sold, it is only used for gaining attention. The third area is selling something for women that they can wear or use on their skin. They are products that you don't have to use but are socially forced upon you. Whether it is some kind of anti-aging cream, tanning spray or foundation.





















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