CraftsMAN's ArtWORK

Yarn, plastic, acrylics, fishing line

700 × 200 cm







The project was intended to study the borders of craft and great art. The topic that spoke to me was why handmade, craft, applied art and great art are strongly separated off each other. I wanted to create a work in which I use the tools that are both in colour and materials inherent in applied art and the same time to create an installation, which is categorised as a work of contemporary art. For the installation I prepared crocheted cloths in different sizes and collected differently coloured yarn. While installing I took in account the nature of room and made room's elements play with a work.









Heegeldatud lapid, akrüül lõuendil

30 × 30 cm / 40 × 40 cm






















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How to Smile


Homelike Saturation

Pretty as a Painting

Made In Sugar




I Am Only Playing House

Washing Paintings

CraftsMAN's ArtWORK

I Take Care Of My Paintings...