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I am 22 years old and I live with my boyfriend's parents. This, however, requires a number of compromises. Often I feel as on crossroads where I would like to take a new path, but somehow I am not moving forward. Inside me I have a childish eagerness to build my own home. This reminds me of playing house when I was little where I would take my belongings, and imagine that they are something else. Our house has a living room that no one never uses. We call it affectionately an IKEA room. I decided to redesign our living room. The groundwork started with crocheting several dozen crocheted cloths in various sizes. To cover the different carpets and table mats, I collected differently coloured fabrics. While I redesigned the room I was dressed in a housewife clothing - a buttoned up smock dress, high heels and a pink bow in hair. I prepared a clew for each quest with which everyone could play before eating, and make themselves feel like at home. I served them in a glass bowl. we all sat around the table which was made almost inaccessible by the yarn covering the entirety of the room. To get to the table everyone had to crawl over and under the pieces of yarn. We were like in our own home, we were like real adults.  


The project was documented as a film, which was divided into chapters.





















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How to Smile


Homelike Saturation

Pretty as a Painting

Made In Sugar




I Am Only Playing House

Washing Paintings

CraftsMAN's ArtWORK

I Take Care Of My Paintings...