• The project consists of exercises, tutorials that the artist presents in front of the camera. Tutorials have become a common way of passing on one another's teachings in social media. There are all sorts of tutorials - starting from how to simply open a glass jar until it is taught how to smile sincerely. The artist puts herself in the position to test them through her body and facial expressions in front of the camera while watching the instructions.

      Videos are projected on a mirror. The illusion of a mirror is an important part of the concept as tutorials are usually acted out in front of a mirror and thus the result are reflected directly from the mirror. The interactive part of work gives the viewer a possibility to find their perfect way to smile.

      The artist explores through this work the absurdity of the need of having to learn how to smile. It takes a journey to find out how teaching this to a young woman is affecting her on how to act properly in different situations. Tutorials teach how to smile naturally, attractively, to get the attention of men, how to do face yoga for smiling, to find your own best smile and display it, achieve a symmetrical smile, keep a winning smile during a beauty pageant. What kind of a smile is suitable in modelling, during your speech or in your next profile photo!? Lastly, what you should not do when smiling, like showing your lower teeth or creating wrinkles with your smile.

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