Fabric, sugar, thread, acrylics on wooden frame

200 × 150 cm







“Millest on tehtud väikesed tudrukud?

Suhkrust ja jahust ja maasikavahust.”



“What are the little girls made of?

From sugar and flour and manna foam.”



This song from childhood has been my main source of motivation for me while making this artwork. I have grown up in in the most beloved town in Estonia – Viljandi. A place with a safe environment and in a loving home. I began to feel the difference in my upbringing at an early age. I remember once I got a birthday gift, which contained buckets, mops and various equipment for cleaning. I have two older brothers and we always had different rules. I often did not understand why it was not appropriate for me to stack logs, but instead I had to help my mother in the kitchen with dishwashing. This series “Made in Sugar” has progressed in the last couple of years. The paintings are in a large-format and colourful. They are made in collaboration with my mother’s fabric and sewn up with a mother-in-law’s thread. Paintings are 1.5 x 2 meters in size. They are covered with sugar that has been hardened with different mediums.





















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